food blog review – How to Bake Bacon

Perfectly Baked Pork Belly Strips aka Bacon

Plain and simple, I love bacon. I love the entrancing smell of it, the crisp, warm taste it has when it is cooked correctly, the sound of it sizzling in the oven just before it has to be taken out. When I was perusing different food blogs while eating (or drinking) a bowl of crispy, tasty of Frosted Flakes today, I miraculously came across one solely about the best breakfast item discovered by man. Well tied for first; a nice hot stack of mouth-watering IHOP buttermilk pancakes drenched with warm, sweet maple syrup is untouchable in my eyes. My eyes were nearly tearing up as I clicked on the life-altering link that would supposedly teach me how to correctly bake bacon and when the page loaded, my mind went on overdrive as I tried to cope with all the sense-inducing images that had quickly loaded on my computer screen in HD quality.

First off, they were taken with a seemingly expensive camera because the quality left me speechless. I could visualize the strips of bacon on a plate right next to me and let me tell you that that is not a bad thing. The crispy fat of the bacon is practically leaping off the screen and the juicy meat drove me past insanity. The author of the blog put a lot of time into developing pictures that would draw in potential readers. I would also like to comment about the voice of the author. She clearly was an experience blogger because her strong, enticing voice kept me interested from start to finish. She used a ton of imagery, personification, even a little alliteration here and there.  After reading lines like “I’m sitting in my grandma’s kitchen at the breakfast bar, knees tucked up under my nightgown, the smell of bacon mixing with fresh brewed coffee. My grandma has just piled my plate with the fluffiest scrambled eggs you’ve ever seen, and there, just to the side of the yellow mountain is a strip of bacon, salty and distinct.”, I definitely can smell the bacon and coffee that she is talking about. Her word choice and use of figurative language enhance her writing by unimagiable amounts. That is how I want my writing to sound in the future; I want it to provoke the senses of the reader and put a mental picture in their head.

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